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Our Leadership



Dr. Ashok Agarwal


Pro Chancellor, Bareilly International University

Dear Friends I am pleased to share with you the success story of our college, how far we have come ever since we came in existence .Starting with a Dental Institute in 2002, today we are a super specialty Post Graduate Institute. We house some of the best faculties, residents and research associate colleagues whose continued presence makes us feel proud of their professional excellence and service to the community. I appeal to our students, faculties and residents to work hard so that our dream comes true and the name of our institute flies up in the sky.

We greatly aspire to become the leading Dental School in India, and first preference of students for dental,medical education and research. We are marching forward to blend dental education with latest advances in dental research and introducing new relevant advancements to keep pace with modern biomedical research. We are hopeful that very soon we will be able to place before you the outcome of our initiatives.

In the recent past some of our students showed outstanding achievements and some faculties got promotion. Whereas some colleagues came up with books and monographs, participated in national and international conferences and presented their work, several others were honored and felicitated for their contribution to their specialties. I congratulate all of you for your hard work, sincerity and great service to I.D.S. Our facilities are continuously expanding and we are modernizing our campus and improving upon education. It is my pleasant duty to request all my friends desirous of helping us to contribute towards the welfare of the Institute. We encourage you to visit our institute.

Dr. Ashok Agarwal

Pro Chancellor

Bareilly International University



Dr. Lata Agarwal


Vice Chancellor , Bareilly International University

We believe education will play a significant role in accomplishing future productivity, economic goals, and higher standards of living throughout the world.

In this age of global competitiveness, employment opportunities will demand increasing skills; thus higher & professional education issues will receive high priority throughout the world. It has been obvious to us for a good many years that the traditional educational system cannot keep pace with a rapidly evolving scientific technology and system since it is riddled with inflexibility and bureaucratic lethargy. Any country that wishes to compete in today's market place must be equipped with highly educated and skilled work force

We at the Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly are committed to offer a high degree of flexibility and caliber in disseminating higher education to our students and will endeavor to blend to the best of academic rigor and pragmatic applications that will contribute to the success of our students in the work place. Each student's program of study will be individually customized to ensure that his/her educational objectives will be achieved in the shortest allowable time frame.

We provide the efficient dental and medical facilities at affordable costs to the common public thereby facilitating prevention and cure of fatal diseases in a progressing country like India. Also, the availability of research facilities, technology and accessibility to latest medical equipment, again at affordable costs.

Our study programs have been developed to respond to the academic needs of the adult learner in the work place. The institute consistently strives to provide an education that leads to degrees relevant to today's work place in a global setting, yet competitive in today's academic market place. We are committed to meet the needs of our students in a innovative and flexible curricula, excellence, effectiveness, academic rigor and personalized services.

I heartily welcome the students seeking admission in the program offered by Institute of Dental Sciences.

Dr. Lata Agarwal

Vice Chancellor

Bareilly International University



Dr. Kiran Agarwal


Pro Vice Chancellor , Bareilly International University

Institute of Dental Sciences brings 12 years of exuberant experience to create a new culture of innovation, flexibility, progressiveness and vibrancy. Since 2002,I.D.S have defined their own identity. We at IDS, Bareilly create facilities; provide the amenities to encourage the students to meet challenges in their own strides.

Its authentic & bonafide curriculum and a superior faculty bring in a flavor of international best practices and a skill based learning environment in all the courses offered by our institution. This helps the students in inculcating competence through application of knowledge in real-life work environment. The experience will be a learning curve with the best mentors and for those who are willing to challenge themselves will have plenty of avenues to excel.

With students fired with determination to excel, a competent and dedicated faculty, meticulously designed curriculum and the optimum infrastructure.

Today in this 21st century with miles becoming shorter and time becoming faster, the care for a human being by a fellow human being remains a challenge. We deliver quality professional education with holistic humane approach. Our hall mark of education is to render professional education projecting with Indian values and promoting the greatness of human being.

Our endeavor is to endow each and every student of our Institute with the best education and infrastructure. We inculcate each student with the best of creative and technical qualifications, we also teach them indispensable human qualities.

The Rohilkhand Educational Charitable Trust Management team wishes you success and invites every prospering student to experiment with their hidden talent and prove that they are the best!

Dr.Kiran Agarwal

Pro Vice Chancellor

Bareilly International University



Dr. Sathyajith Naik

( MDS )

Principal, Institute of Dental Sciences

Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly has always been proactive in its academic planning and consistent in its implementation. We will ensure that the quality of our curriculum best matches our students needs and provide ample opportunities for hands-on-experience to its learners.

I am immensely happy that with total dedication and commitment from the management and sincere involvement of the Head of the Institutions and the faculty members, this institution has produced excellent academic results.

We give utmost care to develop over all personality of the students. I also understand the need for you to feel at home in the new surroundings. All our teachers and the management team are cordial and affectionate, yet they shall make you a disciplined individual such that success is all ways on your side.
I wish that you ascend from peak to peak in all your endeavors in life.

Dr.Sathyajith Naik


Institute of Dental Sciences



Dr. Keshav Kumar Agarwal


Chancellor , Bareilly International University

Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital is established under Rohilkhand Educational Charitable Trust, with a vision to achieve excellence in the field of Dental and Medical Education, Health Care and Research. The realization of this dream was achieved due to clear vision of trustees who had a desire to the challenging path of all our success and achievements. Our Endeavour has been to emphasize 'student centric' training with a view that the role of a teacher is as a facilitator who helps students 'learn the subject', rather than merely 'teach the subject'.

An idea can be more easily lost than implemented. When it is shared, it has a multiplier effect. The benefits are enhanced, the achievements doubled and society witness the progress. Our Institute is an eloquent testimony to the vision; Today Our Institute provides path- breaking medical services, supported by high-end technology.

The flagship of Our Institute offers personalized care to a wide cross-section of the society by harnessing latest technology. The institute is focused on providing quality and affordable care in Rohilkhand Region rapidly changing healthcare environment and has emerged as a landmark destination for people.

Dr. Keshav Kumar , renowned Surgeon and award winner for professional excellence is an MBBS, MS, MRSH, FISS and Managing Director of a multi-crore hospital known as Keshlata Hospital, which was promoted by him & his wife Dr. Lata Agarwal, MBBS, MS (Obst. & Gynae) in the year 1990. The hospital has a wide range of facilities viz Cobalt-60 Machine, CT Scan, MRI, Lithotripter, C Arm image intensifier, Cardiac Cathlab etc. The Hospital has all the departments viz Cancer treatment & surgery, general & open surgery, Urology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Dentalogy, Cardiology, Open Heart Surgery, Gynecology, Radiology, Radiotherapy, General Medicine, ENT & Opthalmics etc. The Hospital contains 125 bedded facilities managed by 14 senior consultant doctors. The hospital is situated at delapeer, stadium road, Bareilly just three 3 kms from the institute & is fully affiliated with this institute. Keshlata school of nursing and Keshlata Institute of Paramedical Sciences are also situated in the campus of Keshlata Hospital


We at our institute continue to strive for clinical excellence, personalized care and medical services that are responsive to the needs of the society.


Dr. Keshav Kumar Agarwal


Bareilly International University

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