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Department of

Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

Oral Pathology

Department of Pedodontics was established in 2002 with the aim of comprehensive training of undergraduate & postgraduate students to acquire knowledge & skills in order to enable them to effectively deal with the problems encountered in the child & adolescents including those with special health care needs. The specialty is oriented to the comprehensive & continuing dental health of that very special group "the young". This specialty of Dentistry deals with the very specific problems of child, their dental tissue diseases & their management. The department also has play therapy room with an aquarium & toys. A niche for tiny toddlers, made cozy & cuddly with stuff toys by the staff, students, this is where they all love to do.

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The department of Pedodontics in Faculty of Dental Sciences (Gurgaon) is fully equipped for the training of BDS (undergraduates) & MDS (postgraduate) students with separate UG & PG clinics along with separate UG & PG pre-clinical labs. The clinics have special Pedodontic chairs also. Postgraduate section has research labs, departmental library with dental books & e-journal resource facilities. The latest diagnostic aids are available like RVG, Pulp tester, Apex Locator etc.The treatments available include restoration of primary & permanent teeth with latest technique & restorative material. Various endodontic and surgical procedures are followed in skilled manner. Interceptive & preventive orthodontics procedures are undertaken regularly so as to prevent the occurrence of malocclusion. The patient & parent are educated & motivated about improved preventive dental care. For this purpose the department has separate section of "EDUCATION & MOTIVATION ROOM" that is equipped with DVD player, computer, study models & educative charts. The patients (children) who are difficult to handle, or very apprehensive, those children are dealt separately in "isolated clinics". The department has a provision of "Minor O.T." which is fully equipped with a dental unit so that difficult & surgical cases can be done separately. There is also provision of anesthetic machine which is used in dental treatment of very un co-operative patients &very young children. There is also a provision of separate 'Isolation Clinic' where treatment like simple fillings & extractions are done in uncooperative & anxious patients, so that other patients are not affected. There is separate room for the sterilization procedures & keeping instruments & materials


Develop or build the department for center of excellence.


Obtain fair and open system of teaching, learning procedure.


To be facilitators and guides rather than simple teachers.


To inculcate thirst for learning more and in-depth and develop confidence.


Help the learner to use the knowledge into more or for clinical application in his day to day practice


To inculcate sense of responsibility and accountability and put in hard and sincere work to excel.

Museum at the department of oral pathology
Stereomicroscopic Research
Exfoliative cytological Techniques for diagnosis of oral cancer
Microbiological culture Techniques
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